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PMS - Periwise Mobile Suite is an innovative platform for storing personal loyalty cards on mobile phones. The new application enables consumers to store their loyalty membership cards on their mobile instead of carrying them in a wallet, allowing a fast method to present the card directly from mobile phone at the point of sale. Each card also displays a barcode image, so it can be scanned by a cashier at the point of sale.


Discount bank is the third largest bank in Israel. The bank is spending a lot of efforts to renew the IT systems to be up to date with today's technologies. PeriWise is taking part in establishing the infrastructure for internal web systems based on J2EE technology. Also PeriWise is involved in writing web systems to monitor the branches ATM systems on line, in order to give better and faster service to the customers.

 discount bank

The #1 site for mobile coupons in Israel.
The sites enables to get cellular coupons from verity of retail chain stores, directly to cell phone. The coupon is redeemed at cashier in point of sale and also has barcode that can be scanned directly from cell phone screen. This is innovative approach to the coupon world that has a lot of benefits like:
No need to print coupons and carry them in the wallet. � Cell phone is always with you. � Campaigns can be executed instantly. � Speeds up campaign effectiveness. � Drives customers to point of sale. � Easy to measure affectivity.
This is an innovated web site, powered by PeriWise.

Amdocs combines innovative billing and CRM software products and services with deep business knowledge to enable true, integrated customer management. Amdocs holds a very significant market share in Telecom sector worldwide. PeriWise developers team are taking a major part in the development efforts of this unique combination between Clarifier and Amdocs Billing Systems, using top of the art J2EE technologies.

Israel #1 bank is investing massive amount of efforts in moving legacy system into updated J2EE and web technologies, while presenting to the customer a unified web based front end in branches and online services. In this development effort PeriWise had a major part-establishing infrastructure for designing fast forward web screens for rapid development and system upgrade.

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